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700 Club / CBN Interviews Founder for first report with Christian Polygamy

This tape is a recorded interview of Mark, Founder. He was interviewed by Kim Bonney, a producer for 700 Club / CBN News, to be a part of their television news report they were making, titled, "Polygamy: The Next 'Right' to be Legalized?". It was about the federal marriage amendment and the "slippery slope" arguments that "same sex marriage" will lead to de-criminalized polygamy. The report first aired on the CBN News Watch program on July 21, 2005, and then on the 700 Club show on August 16, 2005. That report was the very first time that the 700 Club / CBN reported on this new movement. This audiocassette tape is the interview which led to that television report in which Mark, Founder appeared.

You simply "have" to hear this taped interview! The first 35 minutes is the interview itself, with the remainder being the post-interview discussion. More details about the report and the article are reported on the related media page at TruthBearer.ORG, 700 Club / CBN Interviews Founder for First Report with Christian Polygamy. Additionally, there are even more quotes in the report at that notes this history-making acknowledgement by the 700 Club..

As the sample of many quotes below shows, the quotes on this tape provide a powerful way to help evangelical conservative Christians understand love-not-force and the mistake of both anti-polygamy and supporting the federal marriage amendment. Because only a conservative using conservative arguments can persuade such conservative Christians of such mistakes, this tape does exactly that. By showing fellow evangelical Christians how unbiblical and "liberal" they are being in making those mistakes (something which conservative Christians never want to do), this tape's persuasiveness is powerfully effective. Even though many at the 700 Club may not yet have made the full paradigm-shift to outright embrace "Christian Polygamy," they do absolutely know that this new movement involves genuine evangelical Christians. Christian Polygamy is very real, Bible-based, and totally Christian. You simply "have" to get a copy and hear it for yourself! Once you do, then you'll want to make sure that other people hear it too!

This hour long audio-taped interview is a powerful tool for presenting a positive pro-polygamy message to others, especially to conservative evanglical Christians.

For anyone of us who wants our message to get out, then this tape here is the tool to have, to pass on to as many people as possible. This one is an important tool indeed!

And THAT is what this ministry,, is seeking to help us all do, in the TruthBearer Mission of Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches!

May this tape, as a unique and powerful "tool" for us all, truly be blessing for all of us.

This TAPE is a "must-have" tool for all serious supporters of Chritsian Polygamy!

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The hour-long interview and post-interview yielded many excellent comments. Kim Bonney, a very professional, upbeat, and friendly married Christian mother, found herself surprised to learn about the whole new movement, "Christian Polygamy," and what it's really all about.
  • Mark, Founder: Unfortunately, a lot of people, you say, they have made a mistake or didn't learn their English class too well, in that a neutral noun is not modified by a missing adjective.
    Kim Bonney: Meaning...
    Mark, Founder: ...Meaning, polygamy is a neutral word, and they are applying the word, "Mormon," to "Mormon Polygamy," not realizing polygamy is a neutral word. Just like the word, "day." A "day" by itself is neutral. You don't, automatically, when I say the word, "day," think "rainy day." But now if I put the adjective "rainy" now you have a "rainy day." But if you put the word "sunny," and modify it, you have "sunny day." The noun, by itself, is not modified by a missing adjective. And that's the problem. People think "Mormon" - excuse me - think "polygamy" is "Mormon polygamy" not realizing, polygamy is neutral in and of itself.

  • Kim Bonney: What are your thoughts on the marriage amendment?
    Mark, Founder: [Pause] I love my fellow Christians, and it is a [pause] disappointment, when you understand that, you know, I know I make mistakes and in my own errors, uh, and I see that my fellow Christians, in this particular situation, are also making a mistake. And, knowing, there but for the grace of God there go I. At the same time, I understand, just like we also need to preach about the truth that homosexual behavior is a sin according to the Word of God, the same thing is true is that idolatry is a sin according to the Word of God. And Revelation 21:8 says all idolators shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone. The marriage amendment is not Biblical. First of all, not one person was ever married "by government" in the Bible - ever. So we're not talking about Biblical marriage. We're talking about "government marriage." And the idea of "government marriage" is, ultimately, is the idea that suggests "society rights" is a concept that's viable. But "society's rights" is Marxism. It's socialism. It's Leftism. It is NOT what we conservatives believe in. It is, instead, the marriage amendment is turning to the false god of big socialist government to define a doctrine that God alone defined. We don't need the government to define God's doctrine.

  • Mark, Founder: And the problem is - really what we have is an example - is the leaders have gone the way of Jeroboam son of Nebat. And that is a perfect Bible Study to understand what has gone on with the leadership bringing us, because it is bringing God's people into idolatry to worship the false god of government as the "savior" of marriage when God alone defined it, never needed government to define it, and we're not talking about Biblical marriage. We're talking about "government marriage" which isn't Biblical. If you say marriage is not defined, a person's not married if it is not defined by the government, then you've just said every single person in the Bible wasn't married. God forbid. You've just called them all fornicators. God forbid. And to define it as "one man, one woman" - even though I understand trying to circumvent the biological impossibility of same sex marriage (let's just flat out, it's biologically impossible), the idea of a "one man, one woman" marriage amendment is also undermining the Bible. It says that Israel and all the offspring of Israel are illegitimate, except those born of the first wife who say we have Rachel, who is actually not the first wife. She's the one who had the feast but she wasn't the one called wife the first night - it was Leah.

  • Mark, Founder: The problem is turning to the false god of big socialist government to define it for us. And, the Revelation I read, the Book of Revelation I read doesn't say that, you know, the biggest threat to us Christians is the biological impossibility of "same sex marriage." It talks about the "Beast" and having control over all. And THAT, the ability - we can understand - the ability to do that is through the continuing building up of precedents of socialist social engineering Marxist justifications for the false god of big socialist government to the point that has control over all the world, executes the "war against the saints," and ultimately, I can see the marriage amendment as being and having the blood of the killed saints in that war on its hands - having laid one of those Leftist, Marxist, Socialist engineering type of justification the government uses to justify social engineering.

  • Mark, Founder: The real solution to prevent "same sex marriage" is to remove government from being involved, and to remove the idolatry of the false god being involved in defining it. And whether people imagine, you know, the biological impossibility of "same sex marriage," if they choose to imagine that, there is no legal basis, there's no "slippery slope" at that point. So, the idea of establishing government authority, that's why anti-polygamy is the real "slippery slope" that brought us to "same sex marriage."

  • Mark, Founder: Individuals have rights. There's no such thing as "society's rights." "Society's rights" is premised exclusively in Marxism. And anybody ever defining the idea, or using "society has a right," is using Marxist argumentation. And that's not conservative. That's not Christian. And that's not Constitutional.

  • Mark, Founder: The minute you justify using government for social engineering, you have embraced Liberalism.

  • Kim Bonney: What makes yours right and their's wrong?
    Mark, Founder: The violation of rights. The violation of rights, because, again, the only purpose of government is the protection of the individual's rights from being infringed. So, where it crosses the line of forcing women into polygamy, then you've got the whole slavery issue, that you're dealing. We're talking about consenting adults. Now we're not talking about the whole underage thing. We're not talking about these other things. We're talking about consenting adults in an un-coerced environment. So the difference is that, you've got aspects of coerce - and that's where contract law comes into place, you can't enter a contract under coercion - things of that nature. So, the idea is, again, not for social engineering, but for the protection of individual rights. So, where it crosses the line in infringing an individual's rights - and the freedom from slavery is certainly one that we will, is an American right - certainly then that becomes a fundamental principle. That's not a matter of social engineering, that's a protection of individual rights.

  • (When asked for his response if anyone calls "Christian Polygamy" or him a "quack," he commented...)
    Mark, Founder: Maturity is not necessarily in the presence of all individuals.
    (He then went to comprehensively explain why some individuals resort to that illogical accusation.)

  • Mark, Founder: I have, basically, one thing I would like to say to every single conservative Christian, pastor, leader: Bring it on. Let's have an international television event. I'll take you all on, not because of me, but because the Word of God is so true. I'm nobody. I'm just a vessel. It's just uh, I'm nothing. The Word of God stands on Its own. And we can have this debate in front of everybody. I'll ask for a trial before all the churches. I'm glad to. But you know what? It's not likely to happen. Reason why? Because I'll win, because the truth really is the truth and the Spirit of God is the Spirit of God. Hallelujah!

  • Kim Bonney: What do you say to the pastors?
    Mark, Founder: I love them. I love the pastors.
    (He then went to comprehensively and compassionately explain why many pastors, who would otherwise be bold about this issue, are unfortunately trapped by their denominational hierarchies and/or congregations who would immediately dismiss them if they dared preach the Word of God truthfully about Christian Polygamy.)

  • (In bringing the post-interview to a close, she added...)
    Kim Bonney: I think Pat will be very engaged. I'm sure he'll have some interesting things that you can throw up on your web-site, that's for sure. [She then gave a big, positive, hearty laugh.]

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