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Audiocassette Tapes


Audiocassette Tapes

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Founder of Clarifies "Polygamy"
from the "baggage" of the Tom Green case

This tape is a live radio interview of the Founder, wherein he clarifies the matters about true and good things of polygamy, from other side-issues that come out of the Tom Gren case.

For more details and a number of good quotes driectly from the tape, simply surf to read more about it at

For anyone of us who wants our message to get out and to not have it be distracted with the hostile anti-polygamy propaganda that could now come out because of the Tom Green case (in 2001), then this tape here is the tool to have, to pass on to as many people as possible.

And THAT is what this ministry, TRUTH BEARER, is seeking to help us all do, in the TRUTH BEARER Mission of Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches!

May this tape, as a unique and powerful "tool" for us all, truly be blessing for all of us.

For each donation of only $13.95 (U.S. Dollars) each, you may simply order this tape immediately online, right now!

Order Now!

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