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Audiocassette Tapes


Audiocassette Tapes

This Interview is now over 10 years old! These "antique" audiocassette tapes are rare and historic COLLECTOR'S ITEMS - an INVESTMENT!
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Founder of PERSUADES
Radio Host of Christian Polygamy

This tape is a live radio interview of the Founder, wherein he actually SUCCEEDS in PERSUADING the show's host (a woman who goes by the name of "Rev. Toni Cook") of Christian Polygamy.

That is, this is not simply a doctrine "teaching" tape, nor is it a "circus act" to put polygamy on display for the "curious". Rather, this is a tape which can be passed on to "anyone". (You may click here to See what others had to say about this interview, too!)

Even if one is not a Christian, this tape can be effective in persuading hearers of the valid OPTION of Christian Polygamy for those who so CHOOSE.

This is a tape where the listener hears the following:

That's what a person hears when they hear this tape. And that is what makes this tape as a powerful "tool", the first of its kind in Christian Polygamy, in that it is a very unique and powerful "tool" for actually SUCCEEDING in PERSUADING others about Christian Polygamy. When applied in a proper process (as in following the principles of love-not-force, for example), this tape can very well be a powerful "tool" to pass on to others indeed! (That's also why this tape can even be useful by anyone, even if their physical ears make hearing a tape not possible or difficult for them, as they pass this tape on to their friends who are physically able to hear it, in trying to persuade their "hearing"-friends of Christian Polygamy. A transcript of this tape is in the process of being created, and it is intended that that will be posted in the Members Area.)

So, truly, this tape is a powerful and unique "tool" for us indeed. And this is all in keeping with the TRUTH BEARER Mission of Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches.

As has been known for some time now now, the Mission of this cross-denominational ministry is to PERSUADE the Scripture-believing Christian Churches of two things:

  1. Christian Polygamy is absolutely Scriptural


  2. Christian Polygamy is only about selflessly giving Christ-like profound love FOR women, via the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force.

Once we achieve this Mission, we will have effectively "torn down" the "first floor" in the "house of cards" of anti-polygamy thinking in society. And that is how we achieve the TRUTH BEARER Agenda of obtaining a "de-criminalization" and "normalization" in society about the OPTION of Christian Polygamy.

Truly, this tape can be a powerful "tool" for us in this Mission, toward that end.

No doubt, this live radio interview had gone exceptionally well, far beyond the expectations of either the show's host or the Founder.

As this had been originally announced on the "Friends and Fellowhelpers" listservs (also known as "FAF") prior to the actual interview taking place on June 17, 2000, a number of people at "FAF" had been able to hear it "live" on the internet, as it happened. And a number of edifying comments and encouragements had then been posted to "FAF" about it afterward.

To see some of their comments about this interview,
to hear more about this interview itself, and
to find out how you may even request your own copy of this tape immediately online,
simply surf to read more about it at

For anyone of us who says that one is serious about wanting to be able to change society's thinking about polygamy, then this tape here is where the "rubber meets the road", to move past simply "talking the talk" to now start "walking the walk", in having a powerful "tool" with which to actually start doing just that, to actually start pro-actively seeking to PERSUADE others of Christian Polygamy!

And THAT is what this ministry, TRUTH BEARER, is seeking to help us all do, in the TRUTH BEARER Mission of Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches!

May this tape, as a unique and powerful "tool" for us all, truly be blessing for all of us.

For each donation of only $13.95 (U.S. Dollars) each, you may simply order this tape immediately online, right now!

While Supplies Last
Order Now!

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