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Audiocassette Tapes


Audiocassette Tapes

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Focus on the Family's "Family News in Focus Interviews Founder

This is a single audiocassette tape of two recorded interviews with Mark, the Founder, on March 14, 2006. He was interviewed by Kim Trobee for Focus on the Family's online news service, Family News in Focus. The subsequent article was published on March 16, 2006, titled, "Polygamy Rights Follow Gay Marriage Demands," and has been posed to the web-site, here.

These taped interviews on one audiocasstette tape is an excellent tool for presenting a collection of important pro-polygamy defenses to others, especially evangelical Christians.

For anyone of us who wants our message to get out, then this tape here is the tool to have, to pass on to as many people as possible. This one is an important tool indeed!

And THAT is what this ministry,, is seeking to help us all do, in the TruthBearer Mission of Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches!

May this tape, as a unique and powerful "tool" for us all, truly be blessing for all of us.

Here are just some of the powerful quotes made in the two interviews...
  • Adam and Eve, the story of Adam and Eve, there are three reasons why that is not a doctrine for use on the "one man, one woman" - especially using government for it. The first is, of course, that it is a speculation of doctrine, when you come to the realization that both Seth and Cain - their [(Adam's and Eve's)] children - married wives. Those wives were either their sisters born of Eve or sisters born of other wives [(of Adam)]. We don't know. It is speculation. Now we're not laying down a doctrine either way, but the point is that it is still speculation either way. Two, they were never - Adam and Eve were never married "by government." In fact, nobody in the Bible was ever married by the false god of big socialist government. If you say marriage is only defined by government, then you've just called every married person in the Bible as a fornicator. God forbid. Thirdly, the story of Adam and Eve, as well as the "one flesh" verse of Genesis 2:24, and numerous other doctrines that are derived from the first five books of the Bible are written by Moses. We all agree with that. Moses had two wives. Now, clearly, an author knows what he wrote when he meant something. And if the Adam and Eve story is going to be used, then you have to realize who wrote that story. A polygamist wrote that story. A polygamist would not write a story that imposes a doctrine that is in direct contradiction with his own life. And, we know that Moses was the meekest man man on the face of the earth, according to the Bible.

  • First, we are Christians. We are the non-newbie Christians in all the Churches - from Baptists to Pentecostals, to super Grace-based, to super Law-based - that study the Bible and understand that there is an extreme contradiction between what the leaders have said and what the Bible explicitly says about marriage. And so, we are a cross-denominational, para-church support, supporting individuals and pastors that come to this realization that the Bible does not support the Catholic invention of "one man, one woman" as a doctrine - especially using the false god of big socialist government to define the doctrine of God.

  • And the problem we now have - with the ongoing debate for the biological impossibility of "same sex marriage" - is that anti-polygamy is what is the true slippery slope that led us to this ridiculous idea of legalizing the biological impossibility of "same sex marriage."

  • And the three cases that we have - Supreme Court-wise - would be the Romer v. Evans case of '96, the Lawrence v. Texas case of 2003, and now, the wonderful new case that just took place February 21st, the O Centra Espirita case: the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that established that government has the burden to prove it has a compelling interest and that allowing exceptions to that [[total ban)]] cannot be - it basically a has a double [(two-fold)] standard. It has to prove both, that the government has a reason to ban it all - which government would not be able to do - and it has to prove that it can't allow certain exceptions.

  • We're definitely not trying to push or promote on the homosexual agenda whatsoever. The point being, we say that actually our argument is the answer to the problem of "same sex marriage."

  • But beyond that, the way to stop the legalization of "same sex marriage" is to get government out of it altogether, because, when government is no longer abominating God's doctrine of marriage, and is no longer involved in it whatsoever, what do the homosexuals have at that point? Nothing. They have nothing but a vain imagination. They have nothing. And that's the true limited government, true conservative, Constitutionalist, Christian principle - getting government out of the business of social engineering. Because: the government that can be liberally used for Christian social engineering can later be used and considered authorized to and justified to be used against Christians. God forbid. The best way is limited govermment and get government from having any power either way.

  • Consider the idea of a modern Christian man that is truly a loving, caring man. And you have more than one intelligent Christian woman together in one family. Do you really think that those intelligent women are incapable of making sure their rights are not protected? Do you really think that it's this ridiculous stereotype of a chest-pounding man dictating everything that's going to go down on that? If anything, they're going to gang up on him, as women can and do. It's a sisterhood, if you will, of bonding. It allows one who wants to go to work - and that's what she chooses to do and wants to do - and she can know that her children are being raised by another woman in the family who loves the children just as much, and rearing them. And the wife that stays home, that's what she gets to do because that's her choice. And everybody's able to grow. So, if you step out of the stereotype and realize, that's just not going to happen. It's not going to happen. So, there are numerous stuff. It's really more about the women than the men, after all. Seriously.

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