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WorldNetDaily Interviews Founder After Lawrence v. Texas

This tape is a recorded interview of Mark, the Founder. He was interviewed by Ron Strom, News Editor for, an online news service for conservatives. The subsequent article was published on July 04, 2003, titled, "Polygamists see open door to acceptance", and has been posed to the web-site, here.

This 38-minute taped interview is an excellent tool for presenting a collection of important pro-polygamy defenses to others, especially constitutional conservatives.

For anyone of us who wants our message to get out, then this tape here is the tool to have, to pass on to as many people as possible. This one is an important tool indeed!

And THAT is what this ministry,, is seeking to help us all do, in the TruthBearer Mission of Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches!

May this tape, as a unique and powerful "tool" for us all, truly be blessing for all of us.

In addition to providing important explanations of fundamental U.S. Constitutional principles of the 9th and 10th Amendments, true conservatism, and limited government, the interview also yielded several good Bible-related quotes, as well. Just to quote a few...
  • "Ahhh, the 'tradition argument.' If the AGE of tradition is what matters most, then the LENGTH of tradition is that polygamy is older than anti-polygamy."

  • "You don't need government to tell you 'you're married'. ... You do not need the government stamp of approval. In fact, going back to "tradition", if marriage was defined by the false god of government, then every single man in the Bible was not married."

  • "You go back to, Abraham had three wives. Moses, now here's the thing. Moses wrote Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Now this is key and important to understand. Moses wrote the story of Adam and Eve. So, when people try to say, 'Well, you gotta use the model of Adam and Eve and that was God's original plan for marriage,' well, Moses wrote that story. Or, they'll use the argument that Jesus in Matthew 19 said the 'two shall be one flesh.' Yes, 'one flesh' with EACH wife, because who is He re-quoting? Genesis 2:24. Who wrote Genesis 2:24? Moses. You've got 'Thou shalt not commit adultery' in Exodus 20 verse 14. But also, the next chapter, you've got 'If he take him another wife, her food, her raiment, and her duty of marriage shall he not diminish' ---also written by Moses. That's, that's about polygamy, right there. You go to Deuteronomy 21:15, it says, 'If a man have two wives' and deals with that. That's in the Law. And that was written by Moses. All of this, to quote any doctrine against polygamy, that comes out of those first five books, comes from Moses. And Moses had two wives."

  • "[In the Bible,] they didn't have government defining their marriage. Not a single one has an example of 'You are now married because you have been vested by the state and all this other blah, blah, blah.' Not a single one. Marriage was never defined by the authorization of a government. Ever."

For each donation of only $13.95 (U.S. Dollars) each, you may simply order this tape immediately online, right now!

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